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Title: Language of the Soul
Length: 53:34
Artist: Anael

©2000 APSIS Music. All rights reserved.

Language of the Soul marks the return of the glorious Anael sound, hailed by critics across North America as being stunningly unique yet comfortably familiar. It is the Canadian female vocalist’s 3rd album of original prose and songs, showcasing Anael’s inspired vision in no less than five different languages. Throughout, her pristine and pure singing tone anchors a sweeping, majestic sonic landscape, at once both soothing and uplifting, while painting an intimate, revealing portrait of humanity’s triumphant and resilient spirit. As her voice drifts seemingly effortlessly through past, present and future, Anael unravels her tales, an ancient Hebrew prayer, an Italian aria, each sound and breath becoming one with the source, one within the listener.

By album’s close, Anael has convincingly unveiled the timeless mystery, that which in the end needs no words: the universal language, the language – of the soul.

To buy the complete album with booklet containing artwork & lyrics, please visit APSIS Music website.