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Title: Light of Refinement
Length: 51:13
Artist: Anael

©1997 APSIS Music. All rights reserved.

Born out of a quest for heightened spiritual awareness and self-discovery, the Light of Refinement is the opening of ourselves to new possibilities, fresh perspectives and unlimited growth. Seeking more than the “fleeting glimpses of beauty” that appear in our lives, we can awaken to discover beauty in all that surrounds us, leading us to the true essence of our existence, our purpose and our ultimate destiny. Within each of us reside untapped wells of potential awaiting the Light…

Featuring delicate, caressing female vocals over richly orchestrated percussive sonic backdrops, Light of Refinement takes us on 11 poetic journeys along paths of spiritual discovery and enlightenment. Each song has its own vital message that guides us through the many, varied facets of our individual experiences. Highlighted by multiple vocal harmonies that rise, soar and dissolve back into the music, this New Age/World album includes two adaptations of Liturgical hymns, including the mantra-like Kyrie and the hypnotic Dona Nobis Pacem, sung in Greek and Latin respectively.

To buy the complete album with booklet containing artwork & lyrics, please visit APSIS Music website.