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Title: Once Upon A Dream
Length: 56:32
Artist: Anael

©2005 APSIS Music. All rights reserved.

Returning in her finest form yet, Anael unveils her latest thoughtful, thematic work: the contemporary yet equally timeless Once Upon a Dream. With her hallmark heavenly vocals and spirituality very much intact, Anael sets sail on her 6th sonic voyage, and this time, she’s telling other people’s stories along with her own. Ten classic tales of heroes, lovers and visionaries, metaphysical sagas that envelop us into their midst with elaborate, gorgeous poetry by Bradfield, some of his most sensitive writing to date. The storyteller role suits Anael well, her caressing voice instilling into each narrative an intimacy that allows us to relate to the characters immediately, like old friends we’ve simply lost touch with.

Once Upon a Dream is just as the apt title suggests: a world of joyful innocence, of ever present hope. Hope that’s alive not only in each of Anael’s stories, but also for you and I, our children and a world that seeks so desperately to bathe once again in the sacred fountain of our youth.

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