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Title: Tones of Creation 131313
Length: 39:30
Artist: Anael

©2015 ANAEL Productions. All rights reserved.

Never before in human history has there been such a need to bring forth the feminine aspect of our nature. In order to protect life on our beautiful planet, our species needs to open its collective heart and become more loving and caring toward each other and all living things. Working both from within and together in the world, we can achieve wonders.

This album uses crystal bowls as they have the unique quality of resonating with our own crystalline structure, putting us instantly into a state of deep meditation and inner calm. Paired with Anael’s pure angelic voice, the Isis Codes mantra creates an expansion of consciousness within the listener all while anchoring the Sacred Feminine energies to the Earth.

To buy the complete album with booklet containing artwork & lyrics, please send a request to ANAEL Productions.