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Title: Unconditional
Length: 54:07
Artist: Anael

©1998 APSIS Music. All rights reserved.

Delving further into both the physical and spiritual aspects of our journeys through time, Unconditional not only eagerly welcomes us to the dance of life, but literally reaches out and pulls us in. At times joyous and full of wonder, at times reflective and subtlety introspective, each of these masterfully crafted vignettes connects us to the core essence of our beings.

Delivered through Anael’s stunningly clear and angelic voice, poignant, striking lyrics weave their suggestive spell over lushly arranged tapestries of piano, exotic percussion, orchestral textures and fretless bass, seemingly taking on a life of their own. The result is like a caress from heaven, an enveloping musical experience that elevates the listener into a state of pure, unhindered love. Full of clever sonic contradictions that both charm and delight the ear, each track reveals a new, fresh layer of their combined vision. Unconditional is how the future sounds.

To buy the complete album with booklet containing artwork & lyrics, please visit APSIS Music website.