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Anael is a Canadian born and based New Age vocal artist. Her music leads her listeners towards greater healing, self-awareness, and deeper spiritual understanding, and has always been doing so, since her advent on the musical scene. She is well known for her crystal-clear, ethereal vocalizations.
Spirituality, paranormal phenomena, human potential, extra-terrestrial life, New Age, New Age Vocal, Sacred Music, bol cristal thérapeutique, Therapeutic crystal bowl, guérison angélique, guérison énergétique, Angelic healing, energy healing, meditation, méditation guidée, self-awareness, Development of consciousness, aide humanitaire, humanitarian aid, worldwide meditation, CE-5 Montreal, Steven Greer, Steven M. Greer, Disclosure Project, Sirius Disclosure, Hidden Truth, ET contact protocol, Planetary consciousness, free energies and pyramids, Love, Compassion, Tenderness, Sweetness, Peace, Homeopathy, Music Healing, crystal-clear, ethereal vocalizations, Music for the Human Spirit, Homeopathic medicine, holistic healing and spiritually uplifting energies within her music, energetic frequency, quantum physics, quantum reality, planets, solar system, Light & Love
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  • Buddha Spirit
  • Buddha Spirit 2
  • Buddha Spirit 3
  • Exhilara
  • Greatest Gifts
  • Greatest Gift 2
  • Heart of Buddha
  • Language of the Soul
  • Light & Love
  • Light of Refinement
  • Lumiere et amour
  • Once upon a dream
  • Spiritual Beings on a human journey
  • Tones of Creation 131313
  • Unconditional

Tones of Creation 131313, Amitabha, Sky Sent (Disclosure), Buddha Spirit, Sentient Beings, Ye Dharma, Be Still Thy Soul, Love & Light, Alien Mind, Peace is Nigh, Como Raggio di Soleil, Till the Womb Gives Birth, Once Upon a Dream, Unconditional, Passionate Love, Heart of Buddha, Purification, Liberation, Transcendental, Language of the Soul, My Lifetime, Reaching The Light, Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey…

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