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Our Vision
Anael is a Canadian born and based New Age vocal artist. Her music leads her listeners towards greater healing, self-awareness, and deeper spiritual understanding, and has always been doing so, since her advent on the musical scene. She is well known for her crystal-clear, ethereal vocalizations.
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Our Vision



Striving to capture the fleeting moments in life when we truly feel connected to the source, ANAEL productions’ goal is to promote Anael’s recordings on an online basis. It is an extension of the Canadian based independent record company APSIS Music dedicated to the utmost exploration of the human experience, pursuing truth through art a higher consciousness on earth.

Through powerful and meaningful music, lyrics and recordings, we aspire to capture the energy and vibrations that stir the deepest passions in each of us, acting as a soundtrack of sorts to this winding, wonderful journey.

Working in collaboration with Clarity Productions and Sight & Touch Design, we recognize that the artist is at the forefront of meaningful change. And that a fertile working environment can produce magical results. We believe wholeheartedly that it is possible to market a highly competitive product while still honouring the highest artistic standards.

Our artists’ collective approach to world, new age & pop music melds a traditional classical background with a strong command of contemporary sounds and techniques, resulting in a sound which is at once unconventionally striking yet comfortably familiar.

We are especially proud of the lyrical content of our albums. One of our primary goals is the complete integration of sound and verb, stimulating our listeners’ minds with a poetic approach that is both refreshing and thought provoking, while still remaining unobtrusive in a casual or more relaxed environment.

The name ‘APSIS’ was inspired by our president’s fanaticism for detail, and refers to either of the two extreme points in an astronomical orbit. It is derived from the Greek word, hapsis, which means “a connection, an arch.”

There is much to be done, and many glorious sunsets lie before us. We look forward to connecting with you on your path.